Saturday 6pm Chaperones

You are listed as a chaperone if you’re name is here:

Firstly a massive thank you for volunteering to chaperone and be a part of the backstage madness! Each year that BW Dance Works grow, and have bigger and better annual shows, we are so grateful for the parents like yourselves who offer their evenings. We really could not do it without you.

Please can I ask you all to arrive 4.45pm. The team leaders of each group will sign each group in. All of the u18 helpers (senior students) you have listed will take dancers into their designated areas. Everything will be sign posted. Reminder of groups, team leaders and senior student you have are below.

From 5pm, dancers are dropped off to designated coloured area

Once dancers are all inside changing areas, no dancers should leave until 8pm (after the show!)

Read register specks for info on what dancers do what dances. I have individually listed each dancer and what dance they are in. For the most part, this is class by class and fairly simple but a few students cross over into other branches/classes. 

Check all dancers hair is neat & tidy – hair boxes are located on table by the doors if you need anything at all. 

Get all dancers into their first costume as soon as possible, using the running order to work out order of dance order.

NO HAIR ACCESSORIES *except those provided*

Line dancers up once ready. Our runner Rebecca will come and get your group as and when they are needed to be at the side of the stage. 

Lay out 2nd / 3rd costumes and be prepped for a quick change. *Some dancers only do 1 dance*

Once each dance is done, costumes are to go straight back into bags to take home, as neat as possible. 

Once all dances are done, all dancers are to be in black leggings, black & gold T-Shirts then lined up ready for finale. Again, Rebecca our runner will get you when its time. 

To go home, dancers take EVERYTHING with them. Dancers can go home in black leggings and black / gold T-Shirts.

Dancers are to leave and go to coloured area (same area as drop off.) Please ensure everyone in your group has located a parent at their drop off. 


Leave rooms as tidy as can be, but Miss B will be back on Sunday morning to prep the room ahead of our afternoon show. 

Groups are listed below:
Group leaders are there to make decisions should there be any issues with costumes/hair.

Red Group A:
Jill Monaghan – Group Leader
Cat Mickel
Michelle MacIntosh
Kirsty Mclaughlin

Fiona Rhodes *u18
Aimee Roulston *u18

Red group A is: Cramond P1 & P2 Ballet/Tap, Cramond Level 1 Acro, Cramond Performers

Red Group B:
Libby McFarlane – Group Leader
Lauren Gaff
Holly Laird
Lyndsey Dalgleish

Isla Keogh *u18
Alice Bell *u18

Red group B is: All Oriam P2 Ballet/Tap

Yellow Group A:
Linda Waddell – Group Leader
Fiona Ferguson
Jennifer Jones

Rachel Robinson *u18
Millie Dundas *u18

Yellow Group A is: Tuesday & Saturday Grade 1 Ballet/Tap, All Level 2 Acro

Yellow Group B:
Jo King – Group Leader
Louise Illingworth
Louise MacKay*
Michayla Greig*

Yellow Group B is: Friday Grade 1 Ballet/Tap

Green Group A:
Linda White – Group Leader
Gwen Wilkie
Ashley Clark
Claire Reid
Lorraine Chalmers

Anna Keogh *u18
Grace Devine *u18

Green Group A is: Oriam P1 Ballet/Tap

Green Group B:
Allison Scott – Group Leader
Holly Mason
Georgia Manson

*minimum chaperones as little costume changes*

Green Group B is: Oriam Level 1 Acro, Oriam P1-3 Dancing Divas, Oriam Performers

Blue Group:
Louise Malone – Group Leader
Laura McTeague
Katy Glen (might be late!)

*minimum chaperones as older group with little costume changes*

Blue group is: Cramond Level 3 Acro, ALL P4-7 Dancing Divas

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