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When taking a dance class, students are asked to wear a specific uniform. It is so important to follow the set uniform, as teachers need to be able to see the lines that dancer’s bodies are making. They need to notice hip alignment, straight knees, lifted arches, head alignment, arm position and so much more! In addition, when us as teachers are looking across the room, it is easier to catch and correct things when there is a dancers are all uniform to one another.

It is important when teachers are asking dancers to be a lot more active and performing certain skills, that a leotard is worn to stop the lifting of t-shirts or other baggy clothes. Teachers cannot spot dancers properly with layers of clothes.

You, as parents, are paying for quality instruction with progress you can measure. Partner with our teachers by aquiring dress and hair requirements that are part of the discipline you are wanting by putting your child in our classes. 

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