Photoshoot Day


(Sunday 26th February)
Location: Studio 2

Please see photo day schedule for your time slot:

Photoshoot Schedule

A quick guide to how photo-day will run. Please only have a max of 1 parent per child in the studio as its going to be very busy. If its too busy, some parents can wait out in the corridor/space at the back of the building.

Arrive 15 mins before your slot to get ready (1st costume on, hair in a bun, lined up.)

In each slot, we will do the photos in the order of:
1. All ballet costumes
2. All tap costumes
3. All acro costumes
4. All commercial costumes
5. All performers in t-shirts
6. Any additional shots

Parents are required to stay near/ in the studio to change their dancer into the next costume. Please get changed in a timely fashion.

If there are any major problems with costumes (eg too big, too small) we will take these away after photo-day to be altered.

Any socks/tights still to be handed out, you can collect on photoday

If you were off this week, your costume will be at photoday.

There must be no underwear on show, jewellery on show or nail polish on!
Hair MUST be in a neat bun. Do NOT use a filler bun (donut or sock.) Click below for bun tutorial:

Bun Tutorial

How Each Costume Should Look

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