Boy Students

All boys will have their own white socks, ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Please make sure shoes have been cleaned before photo day and before the show.


Ballet: Blue Sparkle Waistcoat, Blue matching hat, Black Shorts, White Socks and Ballet Shoes 
Tap: Red top, Black shorts, Ladybug wings *not given home*, White Socks, Black Tap Shoes 


Ballet: Black Unitard, Butterfly Wings *not given home*, White Socks and Ballet Shoes 
Tap: Black unitard underneath, Star Costume over the top, Star hat, White Socks, Black Tap Shoes 

Wallace & Toby:

Ballet: Purple sparkle waistcoats, White T-shirt underneath, Black Shorts, White Socks, Ballet Shoes
Tap: Red/Green Unitard, bug headband (same as girls), White Socks, Black Tap Shoes 

Struan & Oran:

Ballet: Black Unitard, Yellow Wings, White Socks, Ballet Shoes
Tap: Blue Sparkle waistcoats, black Unitard underneath, Black Shorts, White Socks, Black Tap Shoes 


Ballet: Red sparkle waistcoat, Black Tshirt underneath, Black shorts, White Socks, Ballet Shoes
Tap: White TShirt, White Shorts, Bunny Ears, White Socks, Black Tap Shoes 



Finale – EVERYONE!

Purple Finale TShirt 

Black Leggings or Shorts

Any trainers

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