Rehearsal Schedule


Saturday 18th March, Howden Park Centre

Giving each class a chance to practice their dance onstage with lights and music in order to see the theatre/manage spacing onstage.

Groups & Time Slot

Oriam P1-2 Ballet & Tap
Oriam Dancing Divas P1-3
Oriam Level 1 Acro

Time Slot: 11-12.30pm
*Isobel M, Georgina F & Darcey G 12.15pm*

Grade 1 Ballet & Tap
Level 2 Acro

Time Slot: 12.30-1.30pm

P4-7 Jazz/Lyrical
Time Slot: 1.15pm
*in order to practice with Performers*

P4-7 Dancing Divas
Cramond Level 1 Acro
Cramond P1-2 Ballet & Tap
Level 3 Acro

Time slot: 1.30-2.30pm

Please arrive slightly ahead (15 mins) of your time slot incase we are running early and wait in the foyer until we sign you in.

DO NOT arrive to daytime rehearsal in costume.

After rehearsal – please take dancers away, give dinner, get ready and re-drop at 5pm ahead of the show starting at 6pm.

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