Oriam Preschoolers (ALL)

All Ballet and Tap students will have to provide the following: 

  • Ballet shoes
  • Either ballet socks OR ballet tights (Please see below for what is required in each class/dance)
  • Black tap shoes and ankle height white socks (No frilly socks!)
Please clean your tap shoes before photo day & before the show!
Please have VELCRO tap shoes so quick changes are fast and easy backstage.
Please clean your ballet shoes before photo day & before the show!

Preschool Dancing Divas (Sundays and Mondays)

‘Love Grows’

Pastel coloured shorts
White flower TShirt
Flower sunglasses – not given home as dancers practice in class with them!

Own trainers (Any style!)


Preschool Oriam Acro FRIDAYS

‘Pink’ – Lizzo

Hot Pink ‘Heart’ Tutu Leotard
Bare Feet


Preschool Oriam Acro SATURDAYS

‘Pink’ – Lizzo

Pink ‘Bow’ Leotard
Blue Sequin Waistband
Blue Sequin Wristbands

Bare Feet



Preschool Friday Ballet

‘Beyond The Sea’

Purple, Green or Blue Tutu Dress
Matching bow on right hand side of bun *not pictured!* 
Ballet socks.
Ballet shoes.



Preschool Friday Tap

‘Ugly Bug Ball’

Red Leotard
Red Skirt
Red Scrunchie
Ladybug wings *not taken home as we practice in class with them!*
White socks
Black tap shoes



Preschool Sunday Ballet

‘Wonderful World’

Blue or Pink ‘Jewel’ Tutu Dress
Bow clip to match (Right hand side of bun)
Ballet Tights
Ballet shoes




Preschool Sunday Tap

‘Build Me Up Buttercup’

Silver or Gold Dress with matching bow (Bow to dancers right hand side!)

White Socks
Black Tap shoes






Finale – EVERYONE!

Purple Finale TShirt 

Black Leggings 

Any trainers

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