Cramond P1 Ballet & Tap

All Ballet and Tap students will have to provide the following: 

  • Ballet shoes
  • Either ballet socks OR ballet tights (Please see below for what is required in each class/dance)
  • Black tap shoes and ankle height white socks (No frilly socks!)
Please clean your tap shoes before photo day & before the show!
Please have VELCRO tap shoes so quick changes are fast and easy backstage.
Please clean your ballet shoes before photo day & before the show!

 P1 Cramond Ballet

‘Flying Without Wings’

Navy leotard
Mulberry skirt
Butterfly wings – these will be handed out on photo day/show day as we need them to practice in class!
Ballet Socks
Ballet Shoes


 Primary 1 Cramond Tap

‘Sky Full of Stars’

Silver Crop Top
Silver Shorts underneath
Silver skirt hat
Silver Bow on right side of bun
White Socks
Black Tap Shoes





Finale – EVERYONE!

Purple Finale TShirt 

Black Leggings 

Any trainers

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