Acro Level 1-5

All Acro students will have bare feet.


 Level 1 All Acro


Pink shiny unitard
Blue sequin waistband and wrist bands

Bare feet




Level 2 Oriam Acro

‘Orange Coloured Sky’

Orange Unitard
Red Sequin Waistband
Red Sequin Wristbands
Bare feet



Level 2 Cramond Acro

‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’

Yellow Polka Dress
Pink headband (curbied on)
Bare feet



Level 3 Oriam Acro

‘Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Leotard Dress
Blue Scrunchie
Bare feet


Level 3 Cramond Acro

‘Purple Rain’

Purple Sequin Cut Out Leotard
Silver Sparkle Headband 
Bare feet



Level 4 Cramond Acro

’99 Red Balloons’

Red Sequin Unitard
Red Sequin Scrunchie
Bare feet


Level 5 Cramond Acro

‘Mean Green Mother

Green Halter top
Black cycle shorts
Leaf vines to wear either on legs, arms, around waist (dancers can get creative!)
Leaves around bun
Bare feet





Finale – EVERYONE!

Purple Finale TShirt 

Black Leggings 

Any trainers

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