Preschool Tap Students

All Tap students will have black tap shoes and ankle height white socks (No frilly socks!)

Please clean your tap shoes before photo day & before the show!
Please have VELCRO tap shoes so quick changes are fast and easy backstage.



Preschool Tuesday and Wednesday Tap

‘Crocodiles & Rainbows’ – Peter Pan

Gold sequin dress, matching headband, white socks, VELCRO BLACK tap shoes.




Preschool Friday Morning Tap

‘Cat In The Hat’ – Dr Suess

Black leotard, black cat ears, red sequin waistband and sock bands,  white socks, VELCRO BLACK tap shoes. 



Preschool Friday Afternoon Tap

‘Green Eggs & Ham’ – Dr Suess

Multicoloured spotty leotard, matching scrunchie, white socks, VELCRO BLACK tap shoes.




 Preschool Sunday Tap

‘Hey Tiger’ -Tiger Who Came to Tea 

Navy leotard, tiger ears, tiger tail, tiger bowtie,  white socks, VELCRO BLACK  tap shoes.

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