Junior Ballet Students

All Ballet students will have ballet shoes and either ballet socks or ballet tights: please see below for what is required in each class/dance.

Please clean your ballet shoes before photo day & before the show!



Primary 1 and 2 Tuesday Ballet

‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’

Blue sparkle wrap dress, blue ribbon tied around bun, ballet socks, ballet shoes.




Primary 1 Friday Ballet

‘Fly To Your Heart’ – Tinkerbell

White leotard, green tie leafy skirt, white bow, ballet socks, ballet shoes.



Primary 1 Sunday Ballet

‘Over The Rainbow’ – Wizard of Oz

Different coloured tutu leotards, matching bow, ballet tights, ballet shoes.

*The tutus will stick up after being in the bags, so please give them 10/15 minutes to drop down.*




Primary 2 Friday Ballet

‘Defying Gravity’ – Wizard of Oz

White leotard dress, white bow, ballet socks, ballet shoes.




Primary 2 Sunday Ballet

‘Part Of Your World’ – Mermaid

Silver leotard, purple skirt, purple bow, ballet socks, ballet shoes. 



Grade 1 Tuesday & Saturday Ballet

‘What Gonna Happen’ – Opening

Burgundy sequin dress, ballet tights, ballet shoes. 

Grade 1 Friday Ballet

‘Pure Imagination’ – Charlie

White leotard tutu, silver hairband *not pictured yet*, ballet tights, ballet shoes.

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